We wish to present our products, which reflect high quality, rich and repeatable colours, modern style and interesting design.

We offer furniture fronts of MDF-PVC, patina aged fronts, frame-and-panel fronts, kitchen tops, a broad assortment of furniture boards and finish trim.

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MDF fronts

6. Classic - Stolares fronty meblowe

MDF fronts consist of MDF board and PVC film coating. MDF boards are easily workable which allows for making various milling shapes. Therefore, we arrive at richly decorated fronts imitating natural wood, as well as simple form, modern, one-colour or futuristic patterns.

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Aluminum fronts

Fronty aluminiowe - Stolares fronty meblowe

Aluminum fronts are a merger of glass, also coloured ,with aluminum profile. The fronts may replace classic cabinet doors adding the modern finishing touch.

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Types of MDF-PVC front elements

meble do zabudowy rzeszów - Witryna - lewy, prawy łuk

Types of MDF-PVC front elements making-up the standard collection. In all offered MDF-PVC as well as high-gloss MDF-SQ front patterns there are available full doors, cabinet doors, bottle racks, and blends. Other elements are available in selected milling patterns.

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Finishing trim

Stolares fronty meblowe

The particular slat models are available in selected finish film colours.

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High-gloss HDF-SQ

5. Dunaj reling (pion) - Stolares fronty meblowe

High-gloss HDF-SQ fronts are provided with characteristic milling, their edges are delicately bevelled and there is a possibility to add milling on the face side of the front. An additional advantage is the possibility of finishing the interior with a high-gloss bent front.

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MDF Lacobel fronts

217. CzerwonySQ / Aluminium Ral 9007 - Stolares fronty meblowe

MDF Lacobel fronts are a merger of simple-form MDF with colourful Lacobel glass. This provides for many opportunities of colour combinations. Collating contrast colours or matt texture of a front with a glass pane results in a unique modern design.

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Acrylic coated fronts

Antracyt acryl P164 - Stolares fronty meblowe

Acrylic coated fronts are characterised with intensive gloss, moisture resistance and UV light resistance. The achieved high-gloss effect (100 GL) makes them an alternative to lacquer coated fronts. The fronts may be provided with trim in the same colour of in two colours (DUO), thus arriving at the visual effect of glass fronts.

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Fronty High Gloss

Stolares fronty meblowe - 10. Pomarańcz 8676

Types of High Gloss fronts milling

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